Jeep Wave

The Jeep Wave is a tradition dating back to the beginning of the Wrangler. Showing respect for those drivers with the desire to drive the worlds most amazing off-road vehicle

It's time to display your passion for the Jeep Wave

Start Waving!

Natural obstacles beware! You have a Jeep and you're not afraid to to drive over anything.

"Ain't no river wide enough" sang Marvin Gaye... he must have owned a Jeep. Like him nothing is keeping you away from crossing that water!

Hitch up and pull them out. If you were stuck they would pull you out. Now when they are stuck you are happy to pull them out.

You have served your country well and proud. We would like to thank you for that and have you proudly display it on your Jeep

Add this to your badge collection because you are a Jeeper and a waver!

One of the most important jobs out on the trails is that of the Spotter! Bringing your friends safely through the trail and over obstacles!

Welcome to #JeepLife

If you are new to the Jeep Life, congratulations and welcome to the trails! If you already own one, welcome back.

When you own a Jeep and you’re consumed by this thing called the “Jeep life”, you drive down the road and everyone else in a Jeep is so friendly. A wave here, a wave there. Where did all these new friends come from? We’ve been here, waiting for you.

Now you’ve experienced the “Jeep wave” and you may be thinking “what’s next?” Where can This Jeep go? What does This Jeep need to get there? Maybe everyone is telling you that you have a “stock Jeep”.  No worries, that “stock Jeep” will take you places that are beautiful and almost unimaginable.

Maybe a couple inch lift here, new tires there. A winch and citizen’s band, two way and you’re no longer in a “stock Jeep”, but her bones are still there and her heart still beats just as fierce for the great outdoors the way it did when it was “stock”.

You’ve found a trail and shifted into four wheel high. She’s a happy Jeep moving along the twists and turns. The station on the stereo starts to fade in and out so you dial in some tunes on your phone over bluetooth. It’s a sign that you are leaving civilization. Around the next bend there is a rocky outcropping and there is a group of Jeepers watching a lone Jeep crawl and climb up and over.

As you pull up, the other Jeepers happily greet you and admire your Jeep. Conversation turns to the rocky outcropped obstacle and some water to cross further along. You shift into four wheel low, dial in your CB to their channel and join them in the climb over. They accept you and help to spot your vehicle over the obstacle, giving you the most adventurous, safe path.

You are now convoyed with the happiest people on the planet. Seemingly the perfect day where nothing can go wrong.  A voice squawks over the radio and the line comes to a halt. Stretched before you is the river they were talking about crossing. You hadn’t imagined it more than a large puddle or a stream, but it is definitely a river. The group gathers to discuss the best entry and exit point, and the line begins to move forward. As you plunge into the icy water, you feel the spongy, uncomfortable footing of your jeep and your adrenaline begins to spike. You emerge safe on the other side and your new jeep buddies are all parked and talking so you park and join them.

Welcome to the Jeep life. Now that you’ve arrived, what’s next?


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